FSC - Certified Earth Friendly Wood Products

FSC MarkFSC Certified wood products are made with wood that comes a responsibly managed forest. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification indicates that the wood was harvested in a sustainable way. The FSC is a non-profit, independent organization that seeks to protect forests for future generations. The FSC provides for two different certifications: Forest Management and Chain of Custody. The Forest Management certification is awarded to forest managers or owners. The Chain of Custody certification is awarded to manufacturers, processors and traders.

THe Forest Management certification determines that a forest area is being managed responsibly according to the FSC. The Chain of Custody certification follows the path of wood products from the forests through the supply chain ensuring that FSC certified wood products are identified or kept separated from non certified material.

Some common FSC certified products include musical instruments, recreational products. and other interesting items.

FSC Certified Guitars

FSC- GuitarThe right selection of wood can make or break the sound and tone of a great guitar. Unfortunately, deforestation threatens the availability of these woods. In 2006, four guitar companies Gibson, Martin, Fender, and Taylor formed the Musicwood Coalition. This group actively works with enviromentalists to ensure that forests are managed in a responsible way. FSC - Certified guitars are made from wood sourced from forests that practice responsible management.


FSC - Skateboards

skateboardWhether skating on the paths of the Southern California beaches or sidewalks of Anytown USA, skateboarding is a naturally a healthy and eco-friendly transportation mode. While many boards are made of wood, only a few come from sustainable eco friendly sources. One company, Grow Anthology makes longboard skateboards from recycled paper and FSC certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Comet Skateboards uses sustainably harvested maple. California Bonzing Skateboards makes all their boards with only FSC certified wood.


FSC Certified Furniture

FSC FurnitureQuality FSC certified furniture is widely available. You will find an excellent selection of pieces at reasonable and fair prices. You can find FSC certfiied furniture at Target, Crate and Barrel, Walmart, Pier One, and many more. If you are searching for "green" products for your home, you can also find FSC -certified flooring, beds, cabinets, doors, counter tops and more. When you purchase FSc certified wood furniture or other wood products you can be assured that it supports responsible forest management.


FSC HouseHold Products

Eco Toys - FSC CertifiedFSC certified wood and paper goods are available in a variety of household products. Items include rolling pins, cutting boards, wine racks, paper products, iphone eco-amps, rubber sneakers and beautiful hardwood bicycles. There are also FSC Certified eco friendly toys such as cars, puzzles, teethers, pull toys, rocking horses and more.